The HMT believe in:
• Healthy food for healthier people and healthier business
• Marketing experts should make complex things seem simple
• Teaming up with clients to position brands for success

The HMT is a team of specialist consultants led by industry thought-leader Peter Wennström. Peter is father of the FourFactors® Brand Analysis system – which we use in around 25 countries each year to ‘map’ clients’ brands and help understand success/failure factors:

Strategic Roadmapping

We call this Strategic Roadmapping: it can provide:

  • • New competitive perspective
  • • Precisely positioned consumer brands
  • • A clear & logical strategy for the future

Whenever your brand is at a turning point, we’ve examples from around the world to help you choose your next strategic direction and position your brand for success:

But our greatest value lies in experienced consultants who will not desert you until you, plus your team and agencies, are aligned around a clear brand direction, rooted in a coherent strategy for your portfolio of brands

An end-to-end approach

The diversity of our team allows us to take clients from start to finish:


We love solving problems,

…so if there’s something on your mind, please get in touch and we’ll show you more. You can download a one page introduction to the Healthy Marketing Team here.

>>> Examples: Brand Innovation, Brand Direction & Brand Rescue