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Peter Wennström introduces The FourFactors of Success…

Peter Wennstrom’s FourFactors® of Success Book

A simple tool to innovate healthy brands. Written to give you a practical ‘back of an envelope’checklist that takes the guesswork out of food and health marketing.

The FourFactors® are based on 20 years of learnings from successes and failures in healthy marketing.  Their purpose is to enable you to quickly learn basic principles you can apply straight away.

The FourFactors have been applied and refined in hundreds of food projects from medical and functional foods to natural and superfoods as well as in dietary supplements, OTC and prescribed pharmaceuticals.

The tools have been tried and successfully tested by marketers and business leaders in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia,North and South America. Now they can be in your hands as a digital pdf for just £12.99


FourFactors® for Growth Market Success

In the new book, The FourFactors® for Growth Market Success, we explore emerging market opportunities in the food and beverage sector and outline the key factors for launching or renovating a successful brand.

This strategic guide and practical toolbox examines the unique set of opportunities and challenges that entering an emerging market can bring. It considers the fast pace of change in consumer mindsets and expectations; the fast growth across most food and beverage categories and the increasing competition from local as well as international players.

Buy the e-book today for just £15.99


Peter Wennstrom’s FourFactors® of Success Master Classes

To meet Peter himself and to learn the FourFactors direct from the author, why not attend one of his masterclasses?

Get in touch with the team here to enquire about upcoming dates and locations.

“I was extremely impressed with your approach and ability to bring all the participants into a collaborative mindset.
I’ve done many of these courses and normally forget them shortly after.
The beauty behind your model is that it’s simple, pragmatic and works!”

- David Johnston. VP, Innovation. Horphag Research Nutritional, Geneva, Switzerland


Food and Health Marketing Handbook

Many of the tools and models used by the HMT can be found in the Food and Health Marketing Handbook, an indespensible guide for those who want to improve their Healthy Marketing Skills and develop healthy products.

In a competitive world how do you take your technology to market so that it’s your product that wins at the point of purchase? This Handbook tells you how to get the best out of the science and the health benefits of your ingredients or products. It uses a wealth of detailed case studies, market data and consumer research to help you create success.

The Food & Health Marketing HandbookThe Handbook presents several proven practical tools:

The Hi-Tech, Hi-Touch, Science Push or Consumer Pull model

  • The Functional Foods Marketing Model
  • The Five Strategies
  • The FourFactors® of Success

Used together they help you to:

  • – Develop your strategy
  • – Identify your target consumer groups
  • – Develop the best-possible positioning for your brand
  • – Develop an integrated communications strategy

The handbook is available in PDF format for £50.00.

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